Artem Kubica

6 October 2015

Last week we decided with my wife to visit Lviv. We asked MUSHROOM to help us with the apartment search. Operators of call center offered a lot of variants to suit every taste and pocket.

Klim Buryi

29 September 2015

We used this service to rent an apartment for the weekend in Lviv. During the settlement there was a force majeure which made a negative first impression about the service.

Victoria Parkhomenko

9 September 2015

I travel a very long time, rent villas, farms, lighthouses, condos, apartments and barges around the world by myself. My motto - when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Artem Travkin

25 June 2015

All around were buzzing about this new service MUSHROOM, moreover there was so much noise, that I did not resist to check it by myself.

Yulia Bevzenko

11 May 2015

Rent an apartment on in Lviv and have a great rest.