What is the price of apartment search on MushRoom?
Use of the site MushRoom – is free.

How to book an apartment?
You need to chose an appropriate variant and make a prepayment – cost of one night. You can pay by using a credit card. More details – on page «Booking and payment». 

How to post information about property?
To add a property you need to register on the site and fill in the online application, on page «Rent property ».

What if I don't have apartment photos?
We like beautiful photos, so we offer free professional photography, which can be ordered at any time when the apartment is free in order not to disturb the tourists staying in the apartment. Please indicate the date and time and a professional photographer will come to present your house in the best possible way.

How can I confirm my booking?
All confirmations are sent to the owner and the traveler on the e-mail.

How to pay for a booking?
With a credit card, more details on page «Booking and payment». 

Can I get money back if I cancel my reservation?
If you cancel your reservation on your initiative, consider the conditions agreed with the owner of the apartment. All cases are individual, so the cancellation occurs on terms set by the owners of the apartments and indicated on the apartment page. 

If the cancellation occurred on the owner initiative will I get the deposit money back?  
In case of cancellation on the owner initiative (if there is reasonable excuse and if the resource previously was informed), owner (or MushRoom) returns paid amount.

How can I cancel or make changes to a confirmed booking?
Contact call-center or online consultant MushRoom and inform about the cancellation or change in reservation. 

What to do if I can not contact the owner of the apartment?
Contact call-center or online consultant or write an email on MushRoom site and inform about the problem. 

Как работает wishlist work?
Wishlist – is «a list», where you can save a property that you like.