Obligations and responsibilities


  • MUSHROOM – is a service that puts the information received by the landlords (or the landlords post the information by themselves after registration on the site)
  • MUSHROOM helps travelers easily book an apartment to taste, budget and location at any time

Landlord's obligations

  • By posting the information about the apartment you agree to keep it in the current state
  • You agree to keep and to update the booking calendar. So the traveler has an objective information on the availability looking at the apartments on the site and planning the trip, and on arrival at the place of location could use it. Also travelers who are accustomed to use the same apartment, will be able to see a calendar, and book an apartment for available dates
  • The landlord is obliged to provide the apartment for a specified period. At the same time the traveler will pay the rent for the first night in order to guarantee the reservation
  • The landlord agrees to maintain the apartment in a good condition for a comfortable living of the travelers 

Guest's obligations

  • Respect for the apartment as well as for the property placed there


  • MUSHROOM has the right to delete the information about the apartment from the resource in case of the systematic refusal of landlord to settle the travel without a valid reason
  • Travelers are held liable for damages of the property according to the current legislation of Ukraine
  • MUSHROOM is not responsible for the current state of the apartments, the refusal of landlords to settle the travel and other unforeseeable consequences