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How to rent an apartment in Lviv?

If you live in the beautiful Lviv city you're just lucky! The unique atmosphere of this old city its culture and traditions, variety of leisure activities and places of interest attract tourists not only from Ukraine but also from all around the world for a long time. And you can earn money on this, don't you? Have you thought about how to rent an apartment in Lviv? Thus you will be able to have a regular extra income with a minimum efforts.  

Site of apartments rent proposes you several variants of work: you can propose your apartment for daily rent as well as for a long-term period. You don't need any more post the ad like "an apartment for rent in Lviv, a room for rent, an apartment for rent without intermediaries" on dozens different sites. Just post your ad on and show your property to the future tenants tomorrow!

To find customers quickly we advise you to take care of high-quality photos. Before taking pictures clean the apartment and, if necessary, make a minor repairs. To create cozy atmosphere you can hang some pictures, bright curtains, put flower pots. Take pictures of all the rooms, bathroom, kitchen and a corridor in daylight. Remember that the tenants will for sure want to know about all the advantages as well as about all disadvantages of your property. Please be honest and specify immediately, if there are non-working items or features.

Level of apartment renting in Lviv is so high now that you have to fight for a good clients. To propose an apartment for rent   primarily means to present it maximum profitably. So try to present your apartment in the most favorable light and to offer future residents the most advantageous conditions, whether it is the renting of apartment for a day or for long-term. Present it in such way so the client wants to rent it from the first sight looking at the photos and apartment description!

And the last advice: if you decided to rent an apartment daily, keep an eye on its condition and check all the devices and systems before the arrival of tenants. It will not only save you from unpleasant surprises, but also provide you with a steady flow of new customers, after all as is well known, in the case like the apartment rent word of mouth works better than any advertising.