Tell each other "Yes!" In the ancient Olesko castle

Tell her I love her .. Offer your hand and heart ... This exciting moment comes to life almost deliberately Valentine. Feeling overwhelmed, hearts beating in unison and you hesitate to make a fateful "Yes!".
Among the many ideas and suggestions romantic declarations come to the main point of your love story, sometimes difficult to choose the one that probably would have liked your sweetie. Step "organization survey" consists of a mass nuances: from choosing location, completing the appropriate atmosphere and final "YES!" At the right time. However, the main rule is, of course, make one brief moment unforgettable, memorable for the rest of happy life.
"Hrydnytsya" - romantic restaurant in glorious Olesko castle offers for you to create not only the most beautiful wedding ceremony, but also help in organizing the main event - the marriage proposal. It looks like a medieval tale: Fine dining restaurant, minstrel music, costumes, horseback riding, carriage rides, incredibly beautiful scenery around. From this place more?
The">restaurant "Hrydnytsya" developed for such cases the whole program. Let's start with an exclusive dinner 'tete-a-tete. " Just imagine: candles, wine, fine dining, muzyka..Vy, your half and not a soul around. Then, romantic journey of an ancient castle rooms, each of which will reveal the secrets of love princes and princesses large. If you want to experience the full excitement, pereodyahnitsya in medieval costumes, so you can look 4-5 centuries ago. The most romantic restaurant "Hrydnytsya" in glorious Olesko castle is located 75 km from the city. Please note: stay in a beautiful city with comfort and a homey feel - a service apartment rent"> Nearby Kings are waiting for you! See, romance!