Humor improvise ! Visit the New Year Grushevskii cinema jazz.

The very elegance. These 2 words are enough to describe the first in Lviv restaurant improvisation - Grushevskii cinema jazz. This institution is so impeccable taste that seems to be no need to look up words, they are simply unnecessary. It's just that describe perfection.
Grushevskii cinema jazz - a unique restaurant. Not only in Lviv, Ukraine, but probably in the entire Europe. How much would the walls of this institution is not aware of changes, but it is almost the only place where its history soars spirit cinema, beauty and art, and, you know, the most valuable being so preserved until now.
The first owner of the house №28, which is now located Grushevskii cinema jazz, saw the place to build it from a bird's flight. So Karol Zygmunt Rihtmann chose a plot of land for the future of cinema, flying over Lviv in a balloon. Later in 1912, he opened a small theater with 250 seats, called "Corso". Cinema has expanded over time to 400's of places, changed the name of "Warsaw", "Rococo", "pan", "Rialto", in Soviet times, this beauty, "called them" Shchors and, you know what I mean, even if " Council "in the most difficult times, there is always reigned movie, sophistication and skill. It is safe to say Grushevskii cinema jazz - a collection of many lives in a motion picture, it - a whole era.
Now, this is the best restaurant improvisations. This art center with daily concerts and instrumental music "live". You have to hear it! It views the popular films for wine and gourmet cuisine, exhibitions of paintings, photographs, vintage movie posters, presentations, this reading room. A unique combination in one case the institution of art, eventful and restaurant with delicious cuisine.
Speaking of the kitchen, Hrushevskyi - it is amazing. It serves European and original cuisine. A special feature is the opportunity to try their own tinctures. They are prepared according to traditional recipes of the Galician region, which have been handed down from generation to generation, "apelsinovka", "blueberries", "tsitrusivka", "prune", "nutcracker", "Honey Pepper", "hrynivka."
Try and be sure to take with you! This flavor you will not find anywhere else in the world!
Impressions and opening - it is so important! Explore, enjoy what they saw in Lviv and trust your comfort to those who will take care of the town with all the heart -">, quality service daily rent in Lviv.