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Apartments, Lviv and New Year! What housing prices are waiting for tourists?

24 December 2016

Львів – одне із найпопулярніших міст в Україні на період Новорічних та Різдвяних свят! Казкові будинки, мальовничі пейзажі , безліч цікавих кафе, знаменита кава та шоколад так і заманюють туристів на відпочинок! Невід’ємною частиною чудових канікул у Ль

Tell each other "Yes!" In the ancient Olesko castle

25 December 2015

Tell her I love her .. Offer your hand and heart ... This exciting moment comes to life almost deliberately Valentine. Feeling overwhelmed, hearts beating in unison and you hesitate to make a fateful "Yes!"...

Humor improvise ! Visit the New Year Grushevskii cinema jazz.

20 December 2015

The very elegance. These 2 words are enough to describe the first in Lviv restaurant improvisation - Grushevskii cinema jazz. This institution is so impeccable taste that seems to be no need to look up words, they are simply unnecessary. It's just that de

Top 5 unusual ideas to celebrate the New Year in Lviv!

12 December 2015

Frankly, all of us in the New Year you want something unusual, magical and memorable. Of course, New Year's Eve itself gives these feelings, despite the fact that we are planning New Year's Eve: champagne, Olivier and television at home or a night full of

Why Lions and why in December?

02 December 2015

You can not imagine how difficult it is to answer the seemingly usual question: why and why Lions in December? But we still try. And so, the most popular "because .."

Top 5 apartments with a description of the version MUSHROOM

07 July 2015

To lovers of fun and incessant motion, and at the same time peaceful stateliness of the old houses and palaces. Hurry to book!

Lions in July: the night in museums, art and jazz breakfast barbecue in the park!

01 July 2015

They say in Lviv beer, water and coffee drink in equal proportions. Lviv, of course, the master of creation myths, but this one seems to be true. To prove to yourself and guests in the city even created yet only in Ukraine museum cafe "Kopalnya Kavi" ("W