Booking and payment

Scheme of the payment of booked apartment: 
1. MUSHROOMuser authorization using your login and password;
2. Apartment choosing;
3. User redirecting to the secure payment server page Platon;
4. Entering the credit card details: VISA or MasterCard;
5. Card verification by the payment server that card belongs to the 3D Secure;
6. Credit card payment authorization;
7. User return to the payment completion page of MUSHROOM with the notification about the results of the operation (successful / unsuccessful).

Additional features of the payment system:
1. Partial or full refund – Refund* function;
Terms of cancellation and refund are listed on the page of each apartment. If the conditions of booking cancellation are not specified, the cancellation happens by the agreement with the landlord.
2. Request of the transaction status, further online updating of it (3DS/PENDING/DECLINED/SETTLED/REVERSAL/REFUND/CHARGEBACK);
3. Write-off of the regular payments from the client card in case of agreement;
4. Pre-authorization – money blocking without a clearing;
5. Post-authorization – clearing of the transactions initiated by using the pre-authorization.

*Refund — is a credit financial operation, which is performed after the write-off funds from the card account of the Cardholder, initiated by the Enterprise with the consent of the Cardholder, in case of the refusal of the latter from the good (service) receiving or its return.

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