Mushroom ( - daily apartment rent concierge service in Lviv

MUSHROOM – is a comfortable service of a daily rental for travelers and apartment owners without intermediaries. The owners post information about their apartments, can update and modify it, as well as monitor the feedback and review the analytics. Guests can find an apartment quickly, make a reservation or cancellation of the apartment online.

MUSHROOM is created to take care about your trips. We are searching for a property – you travel!

So many memories, smiles and pleasant moments are associated with the picturesque cities of Ukraine. 
But it was not without difficulties and disappointments. Most often they were related to the properties searching. And it's not about the hostels and the hotels, but the good old apartments.
I think you will agree that searching of the apartment is often associated with the hours spent in front of a laptop screen, hundreds of sites and recommendations, dozens of calls and often with not a high-quality service. Such a search looks more like a game «luck / no luck». 
I didn't want trips to such picturesque town were overshadowed by similar problems. I wanted to improve this situation and to create high-quality and modern service. The service which not only offers the guaranteed and quick search of the apartment for travelers, but also the favorable conditions for landlords. 
And my work began with a search of like-minded people, who were not just concerned about the problem, but also knew how it can be solved.
So we found each other :) And after 9 months MUSHROOM – service appeared, which presents value that we hold – We take care of your stay. We will save you from unnecessary worries and possible broken agreements. Our service is quick and guaranteed – as we need ourselves. 
After all, the right service is one we would enjoy ourselves. It begins with the importance for yourself and ends with love for what you're doing, in our case also with love for Ukrainian cities.
MUSHROOM – is a new, dynamic, up to date, active and convenient online service for daily rental search, designed to protect your time to organize the trip and the accommodation.
We started the MUSHROOM journey from Lviv, but we do not plan to stop there! Other cities of Ukraine are in the plans. 
We take care of you and offer our advantages.

Welcome to MUSHROOM!

Andrii Okunskyi, MUSHROOM founder


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